Travel Bucket list!

Hey my loves! Today since this yucky cold weather is at an all time high I decided why not make myself and you all feel better by sharing nice warm or just plain old gorgeous mountain filled places I have always dreamed of traveling to. Like everyone else, I am guilty of being one of those FB or Instagram scrollers who see many bloggers who post AMAZING photos of their luxurious trips and think how can I get on their level! Check out my little list below, if you’re in need of an idea on where to book you next trip maybe this will help you pick.

1.) Bora Bora

2.) Las Vegas ( yes I know how simple it is to go there yet I have not been!)

3.) Canada

4.) Dominican Republic

5.) Jamacia

6.) Japan

7.) Paris

8.) Colorado

9.) Los Angeles

10.) Mexico

11.) Brazil

12.) Seattle

So some of the places I would like to travel to are either close or extremely far but again these places have all been on my mind the past few months at some point. I hope this helps those who are looking to travel in recent months, until next time dolls! xoxo Roo!

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