My Must Have Favs!

Hey guys! I know I am TERRIBLE because I have been gone forever it seems like but, I decided 2019 would be MY year and with that comes along with really putting in more effort to giving you guys more new fresh material! I thought it would be fun to do little Go-To posts because as ladies we all have tricks and tips when it comes to taking care of our bodies.

In this post, I am shedding light on what products I love or like using when my friendly time of the month hits, yes I am talking about the big “.”. For me I use one of my many Ipsy bags I get monthly because they a very useful for easy storage in your purse after I see which make-up goodies I get. In my bag I carry REGULAR or SUPER tampons (a good mix of both), panty liners and Summer’s Eve wipes. Below I am gonna give an example of which exact products I am talking about in case you are interested in trying them for yourself. As I stated before I think it’s always best to have a handy bag on you at all times because you never want to me unprepared when that time does come.

1.) Kotex Tampons


2.) Panty Liner

panty liners

3.) Summer’s Eve Wipes

se wipes

I hope you all find this post helpful and decide to pack a little bag yourself! As I said my loves I hope to stay on track within this new year and I can’t wait to share the many topics and surprises I have in store for you all xoxo Roo.

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