Signs of a Low Blood Sugar!

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Hey guys! So I have been trying to come up with new ideas to post about and 1 thing that came to mind was why not share how to detect a low sugar! Of course I had to go to Beyond Type 1 and get all the information you guys would need to catch that low sugar before it gets too low! I also felt like this was a good idea for non-diabetics as well, that way if you are around anyone who happens to be a T1D you can assist them as quickly as you can. Below you can see the list that Beyond Type 1 has kindly listed on their site, being a Type 1 I have this list to be very accurate, at least it’s a lot of the symptoms I tend to get!

Low Sugar
Signs of a low sugar!

Now as far as treating a low goes, there many different things that you can do but I can give you my personal go- to’s when that happens to me. I normally always have a glass of Orange Juice or Regular Soda, I carry in my purse glucose tabs of course but I also carry the liquid glucose (you can get tabs for 99 cents at Walmart!). In grade school, I would keep a good amount of PB crackers and Hi-C juice boxes those work great as well for a low! Below is the list BT1 provided, as you can see they agree basically with what I do as well our too lists are pretty similar!

low sugar 2

Now I definitely wanted to share how to go about taking care of a T1D if we pass out due to going into Hypo shock. When I was in school I would always bring in a Glucagon, now I don’t remember ever having to actually use it but anyone will tell you this is always a good thing to have on you in case something does go wrong. Speaking of I could use one of these now a days because my sugars lately have been either perfect or really low! As stated by OSAMA HAMDY, “Glucagon is a hormone medicine used in emergencies when a diabetic is experiencing hypoglycemia and cannot take sugar orally. It comes in powder form and must be added to a solution in order to administer it. It is the opposite of insulin.”

I hope whoever takes a reading to this post finds all this info to be very helpful! If you ever want some really good tips or tricks when it comes to Type 1, definitely head over to Beyond Type 1’s website as I have it linked for you above. I can’t wait to share more helpful things with you, it is always a good idea to know how to treat a low sugar. As always my loves, until next time!


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