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Hey my loves! So today is a very very special day for me, if you didn’t already know today just so happens to be my Diabetes Anniversary, 20 years to be exact! I wanted to take the time to really reflect on my journey with this illness so far. To say it has been easy would be a lie, I always say it’s like a never ending relationship from hell at times. Since January I have changed the way I take care of myself for the better, I have had my fair share of going back and forth between doing well and doing terrible.  It feels good to say that I am for once proud of what I have and that really is all thanks to the social media community! I can honestly say since getting involved it has allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own skin especially when it comes to my T1D.

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I am very thankful to have made it this far because there are others who unfortunately don’t have the same luck with Diabetes. I fully plan on beating those odds and continuing to get involved with my T1D community. So thank you to everyone including my family and friends who have always supported me and have gotten on me when I decided to act a fool and not take care of myself. Even though at those times I probably hated you I know in the end it was for my well being! I am glad I have finally grown up and realized I must be on top of me health because I can’t continue to let this disease run my life I am gonna run it!

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3 thoughts on “IT’S MY DIAVERSARY! 20 YEARS!

  1. 20 Years is a milestone. Congratulations. Hopefully one day soon we will be able to say, 20 years since they cured my diabetes! There is a saying “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Sometimes we go off the rail and think we can handle things on our own. In the end, we always learn that that is not the case. Keep doing what you are doing! Peace+ Tim, the DiabetesDude!


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