Diggin My Dexcom G5 | Week 1


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Hey my loves! I am so sorry I went ghost the past few weeks on you guys, totally not on purpose! My laptop decided it wanted to stop working on me after trying to do the new iOS update (which I will never attempt again!). Thank god for my lovely boss who fixed it for me so I am back and ready to get started! I have missed you all so much and have lots to share with you guys. As you can tell from the title of this post, I recently started the Dexcom G5, I will say the first few days were a bit difficult but after getting the hang of how it operates I find it to be so helpful! I still of course recommend if you yourself are starting out definitely continue to test with your meter as well to be sure both readings are accurate so that way you are not over covering or not covering enough.

One of the best things about the Dexcom is being able to access your reading from different devices. I am a big phone person so mine is always with me wherever I go as well as my Apple Watch, which is even better because I can just look down and view a sugar reading even faster. The one thing that has been a bother is the constant beeping, if you are a Dexcom user you know that your sensor will go off if your sugar is Low or High. When setting up your device, you get to choose which level you should be alerted at! While I do appreciate the alert because it is scary knowing your levels could drop in your sleep, it will take some getting use to that is for sure!

Overall it has been an interesting first week to say the least but I am super happy none the less that I have finally been put onto the G5! Do not worry my loves I am back and will be giving you another post later this week, until next time!


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