Happy New Year! | My 2018 Goals

Hey guys! I am so so sorry I have been MIA lately, as you know the holiday season can get very crazy and hectic so I was off enjoying that time with my loved ones and of course documenting those special moments for my YouTube Channel! So, of course, I wanted to get back into the swing of things and wish my most loyal readers a very happy and safe new year! I can not believe 2018 is already here but I am so ready for it and ready to make it my bitch! With that being said, I have some goals I have set for myself and hope to make happen within this new year so let’s get started.

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Just like anyone else in this world, each new year that passes by we like to set goals for that upcoming year that we hope to accomplish. Well, I am definitely hoping and more determined than ever to meet my goals as quickly as I can. I would have to say my definite fist goal is gonna be to be more consistent with my Diabetes. If you have read before in other posts, I have the hardest time taking proper care of my illness. I do not have a rhyme or reason as to why, it just can be SO hard at times to deal with, but in this new year I no longer want to be using that excuse, I want to be able to say I got this under control!

The second goal I have is to better manage my money, I will never lie to you all, I am HORRIBLE with my money like if you know me well enough you know that I blow through each paycheck. I am woman enough to admit I can definitely use some work on that issue for sure and I can’t wait to accomplish that goal and no longer have to worry about not being able to do this thing or the next. So for sure, 2018 will be the time that I get it together!

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My third goal is also regarding my health but just to do better with it in general! I want to get in shape and make better food choices, I believe I am a beautiful woman and I want to constantly feel good about myself and how I look, I want to be FIT and I plan on meeting that goal, so watch out for future Instagram post and vlogs of course of my journey because you know I will be filling you all in along the way.

My fourth goal has to be regarding going back to College, I recently applied to go back to Arizona State Online for the time being but I can not explain how excited I am to further my education and have an actual career down the line. I have since changed my major to become a Health and Wellness Coach like I said before my goal all 2018 is mainly health in every aspect.

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My last goal for the year goes out to my blogging, I love what I do writing is a passion of mine and I love continuously sharing my personal stories with you all! I want to continue to do so and expand my reader/fan base. I want to reach out to as many people as I possibly can, so my blogging goal is to just grow more and more whether that means better writing skills or gaining more followers, I am determined to only get bigger and better from here on out.

As always my loves, please continue to tune in and look out for more content coming your way. This week I will be posting a new YouTube video of my New Years weekend and as always more diabetes updates coming your way as well! I wish you all the best possible 2018 that you can have and I hope you all have set goals and reach them as well! Until next time dolls, xoxo Roo.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! | My 2018 Goals

  1. Awesome goals Roo! Looks like you have a solid plan laid out. My grandfather would always say “Plan your work then work your plan.” No truer words have been spoken. They have served me well over my 49 years. When my life is going off track it is usually because I have either strayed from the plan or, and this is usually the case, I had no plan at all and was just winging it.
    Get your financial life under control. I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s program. Although it is bible based, you can take or leave that but his program and advice is S-O-L-I-D. Being young you have the opportunity to create a very solid foundation for your future. Especially with diabetes and every year health insurance covering less and less and charging more and more for premiums. Regardless of what program you choose to follow, follow something.
    Be serious with your diabetes but don’t take it too seriously. Live your life mostly within the confines of your management plan and sometimes outside of it…just know how to wrangle it back into control. On those days when diabetes takes the reins – and we all know despite our best efforts the diabeastie will sometimes do its own thing- know what you need to do to tame the beast OR when to call the endo/nurse for help.

    Happy New Year!
    Tim aka “DiabetesDude”

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