What’s in My Bag ?

Hey guys! I thought it would be super fun to share exactly which Diabetic supplies I carry along with me on a daily basis. I know I see a lot of my fellow Instagramers always share photos of the supplies or treats they carry for lows and I thought I would finally share what I drag along with me every day, so let’s get into it!

fontcandy (2)


Right away let me tell you, I know I need to really update my diabetic supplies for my purse. I am horrible at carrying around new lancets, my fellow diabetics who have had it forever you know we always forget about changing lancets.


Above is just an overview of what I normally tend to take with me everywhere I go. As a diabetic you know you should always have a good amount of what you see is shown in my picture.

1.) Omni Pod (Glucose Meter) & Finger Prick Stick


As you know, these two are the most IMPORTANT items to have with you at all times! I always say between these and my insulin pends they are my lifeline, so please always make sure you have these handy! I currently am on pens but I still use my Omni Pod meter to test my sugars.

2.)  Freestyle Insulinx Test Strips & Ketostixs


Of course, test strips are just as important to have your glucose meter. I mean you clearly cannot test your blood sugar without them. As for the ketone sticks, I recently got back into carrying those around, I have been super bad with keeping up on testing for those.

3.) BD Sterile Needles


For my fellow pen users, you know these are needed to have on you at all times! If you take a peek at the bottom of my purse these are always everywhere!

4.) Omni Pod Wireless Pump


Now for my fellow pump users. I can say at first when starting to use my Omni Pod 3 years ago I was in love with it! I would always be obsessed with how it injected the insulin for you and all you had to do was insert your sugar level and the number of carbs you had. For now, I am back on the pens because that seems to be easier for me but I still keep a few pods on me just to be safe.

5.) Sugar Tablets or Liquid Glucose


Whenever I have a low reading one of these are my go-to! They help get my sugar up to the perfect reading, nothing too high, gets the job done indeed!

6.) Humalog & Lantus Insulin Pens


We meet again my old friends! Lately, I have been loving my pends, a quick and easy process to get a dosage and also even better clean up time. My pens go absolutely everywhere with me!

These are just a few of the items I keep with me at all times, but I shared this selection because these are the main diabetic supplies I will always have! If anyone has any other item tips you want me to keep as well please feel free to let me know! As always my dolls, until next time, xoxo Roo.

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