Travel Bucket list!

Hey my loves! Today since this yucky cold weather is at an all time high I decided why not make myself and you all feel better by sharing nice warm or just plain old gorgeous mountain filled places I have always dreamed of traveling to. Like everyone else, I am guilty of being one of [...]

Sorry So Sorry!

Hey, my loves! I know it has been FOREVER since you have last heard from me and for that I absolutely suck! Life has been crazier than you could imagine sadly sometimes life can indeed get in the way of things. Since we last spoke things have changed, I know I had mentioned me starting [...]

Vlog Ideas???

Hey guys! So so sorry I have been a ghost lately but I really really need your help on what exactly to film next! My channel is mainly about my journey with T1D and sometimes I like to include other things in my life as well. I really want to continue sharing more and more [...]